Yhonnathan Roca


I remember the first camera I bought back in 2007, at the time I only wanted to take pictures of my upcoming trip to Canada, and was fascinated by the amazing landscaping pictures I was able to capture. After coming back, I was eager to photograph everything, my camara was an extension of my arm and took it with me everywhere.

My first photoshoot was an engagement session of a couple that I had been friends with for years, and it was such a hit, that they decided to hire me to take their wedding pictures too. I was a bit shocked as I had so little experience and just some basic photography equipment, but they turned out very well.

On this first wedding, I realized I have a great connection with couples and wedding guests during events, as my feelings come to life while I see events develop during this magical occasion. I always dreamt to recreate these sentiments, and I was able to do so when I had my own wedding day.

Fast forwarding to 2023, I have been a professional photographer for 10 years now, and 7 of those living in Miami, which I now call my home. I enjoy going out with my family and discovering new places in this beautiful city.

For me, it’s key to have a conversation with each couple and understand what they dream and aspire to achieve through their wedding photographs. I like listening carefully to every detail about their big day, and make sure I won’t miss any of the highlights they wish to remember forever.

I consider myself as being at the service of the couple, as the photography is just a part of what I have to offer. A good customer service, before and after the event, also makes a big difference

My photography style is very natural, I try to enhance the elegance of each moment, using a warm and soft illumination.